Jeremy-John Stokes

+ Born Reading U.K 1993, Based in London U.K +
Jeremy-Johns's work is a poetic recording of the in which we inhabit, an icon of life.

This is a prayer, a meditation, a time
A thread that weaves within eternity
The bloom and decay
Nature and the urban
An intimate moment, a stranger afar
The rays of morn, the shadows of night
A search for grace
The trinity amongst us
Pax et lux.

2020: Nurture Magazine
2019: Fad Magazine - Nocturne, review and interview
2019: Nocturne - 226 Rye Lane - London U.K
2018: Outline - Out of the Brew Arts Cafe - London U.K
2017: Camberwell College of Arts Degree Show
2017: B.A.(Hons) Fine Art - University of the Arts London, Camberwell College of Arts
2017: Crypt Gallery - London U.K
2017: Hotel Elephant - London U.K
2016: Vice Media - Peckham is a paradise
2016: CGP Gallery - London U.K
2016: Meth Odd - The Flying Dutchman - London U.K